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Dr Diane with family

Welcome to Restored Life Wellness Center, PLLC

She cherishes the value chiropractic care can provide to people of all ages, and considers it a privilege to care for others. Dr. Schwab has a heart for service, whether she is serving her patients, her community, her country, or on a mission trip; she is motivated to help people feel better and experience life to their fullest potential.

Hands On Healing

At our practice, you’ll find Dr. Schwab using a variety of techniques to adjust the spine and other joints in the body, with the aim of promoting overall health and wellness, improving mobility, and alleviating pain. A hands-on approach to treatment is used, which may include methods such as spinal adjustment, stretching to relieve pain, and recommended massage therapy, saltwater floats, and other services offered in office; to find relief and bring balance to your nervous system.