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New Patients at Restored Life Wellness Center, PLLC

Be Seen, Evaluated and Treated in One Visit

people sitting in waiting areaDr. Schwab looks forward to welcoming you to her warm and comfortable practice. Before your first visit, you can save time by completing all necessary paperwork at home.

Your initial appointment will last approximately thirty minutes and will include a head-to-toe assessment and most likely an adjustment. Dr. Schwab will take the time to ask you about your history and answer any questions you might have. She will explain what she is doing along the way as well as discuss goals for your recovery.

Pediatric patient visits are typically 30 minutes in duration, depending on the needs of the child. Dr. Schwab loves working with her younger patients and will observe and evaluate them though it just seems like playtime for the kids. Her young patients love the Zoey the Zebra table that she uses for pediatric treatment.

Beyond the First Visit

Dr. Schwab will work with you to come up with a plan based on your needs and health & wellness goals. She will see you as often as you desire until she can address the issue. After you are out of pain, seeing Dr. Schwab for regular maintenance care may help you stay healthier. Just as you brush your teeth twice a day to maintain good oral health, getting adjusted at least once a month can help you enjoy better overall health.

Affordable, Quality Care

Dr. Schwab is committed to providing affordable, quality care to her patients. She does not accept insurance. The simple reason for this decision is: first, Dr. Schwab does not believe that a third party should tell her how to best treat her patients; second, by not accepting insurance, she is able to lower her costs and make your initial exam and any subsequent visits very reasonable and affordable.

Start Today

Natural, quality care awaits at Restored Life Wellness Center, PLLC! Contact us today and find out how affordable your chiropractic care can be.


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